The modular flooring in EVA is the ideal solution for solving efficiently the prevention of accidents, as it absorbs in a critical way the energy of the impact on the ground  caused by falling and it vanishes completely the risk of slipping.


The puzzle joint system is extremely simple and it allows an easy and quick assemble, without the need of glue or adhesives.


The material is resistant to inorganic acids, oils and fats, thus it does not absorb liquids and it is a good thermo-acoustic insolation.


It is flexible and comfortable and made with anti mould and anti bacterial components. Healthcare is easy and quick; with a wet cloth and neutral detergent is necessary.



Security covers for radiant bodies, approved by the Central Ministerial for the Prevention of the Technical Security.


Main features:

. class 1 for reacting to fire

. they support the circulation of hot air

. aesthetic and cromatic features

. antishock, high capability of absorbing hits

. Easy to apply

. 12 examples

. Custom made


The supporting structures are made of tubulars of the diameter of 50mm, thickness 2,5mm, assembled with splinter strings and inserted on high pressure to prevent manual dismantling.

The frontal and lateral tampons are tubulars of the diameter of 30mm and 2,5 thickness. The product is made of a mix  of PVC, calcium carbonate, stabilizing, colorants and flames radiants.



Walls antishock upholstery completes the choice of materials to be used in the playground areas.


Areas of impact must be covered with high absorbent materials without corners and protrusions.


Materials like bricks, stones, wood and all hard coatings, can only be used outside playground areas.


Modular protections in EVA have the ability of absorbing and harmonizing the impact, combining time itself to the soundproof power.


The material resists to inorganic acids, oils, fats and it does not absorb liquids, it is a good thermo-acoustic insulator, flexible and made of anti mould and anti bacteria components.


The assembly is simple, through the use of a neoprene collant for the inside and a polychloroprenic for the ouside.

Finnish birch multi-layer structure coated in fire-proof E.V.A. class 1, custom-made.





Panels, upholsteries, security paddings and protections for all sports (football, basketball,volleyball, boxe, cycling, ski field, hockey, ice skating, paddle, ecc.) must be tested to the UNI EN 913 norm which states all the general security requisites and the test systems for all disciplines and gymnastics equipment. Keloo’s answer to these requisites is Kappa, a wavy slab of 205x92x2,8 with an unloading ramp at the far ends which simplifies the cleaning and it has a superficial texture which makes the product more captivating.

Kappa can be used as a whole slab for walls coating and column cover, or cut to measure to protect live edges of any geometrical form.

It is applied with glue of any kind of support (concrete, beams in iron, wood, ecc.) and if necessary mechanical anchorages can be used.



Edge protectors made with EVA (ethylene acetate vinyl) ideal to solve situations where the edge of the corner is exposed to hits. They are easily attached with a neoprene glue, recommended for all surfaces: wood, chipboard, metal, plaster, ceramic, bricjs and porous materials in general. Thanks to its high resistance and elasticity, EVA’s protections have are excellent in absorbing impacts and allow to reduce the risk of accidents and problems related to the security of the indoor areas.


The product is a repellent to all substances (oils, fats, inorganic acids, and liquids in general), anti-mould and anti-bacterial.


Cleaning is easy and quick with a humid cloth and if necessary a neutral detergent.



Hit protector band in E.V.A. used as chair           rail to protect walls or as hospital trolleys is sanitary surroundings.



Security pavements in agglomerated in P.E. expanded and astroturf, with anti-fall certificate for playgrounds, circuits for the elders and buildings for football fields ( homologation FIFA), hockey, minigolf, green areas, pavements and terraces.

  • Excellent drainage thanks to the drilling and the canals made mechanically during the productive process of the Shock Pad, which guarantees the assembly on every plane surface.
  • Moderate priced on the preparation of the bottom, which does not need particular work.
  • Any existing surface can be retained suitable for assemble (ex.: concrete, tiles, ground, rock ecc) as long as it is plane.
  • Guarantee of inalterability of the property excluding mechanical intervention, such as the breakage of one or more parts, allowing the one substitution of the grass surface once it is damaged or at the end of its life.


  • Good biomechanics properties; it reduces  the risk of damage or injury.
  • Dimensional balance which makes the product suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Ecofriendly, high flexibility, does not freeze in winter.
  • Quick and easy to assemble, it reduces the costs of installation.
  • Possibility of different composition thanks to the slabs joint system.
  • Certified HIC for a maximum height fall of 3.00mt.



For all consumers affected by cognitive impairment, vagrancy represents a problem of security and mental balance.


We make modular elements of different heights which allow a controlled wondering and at the same time they can stimulate senses.

We have researched and selected a variety of anti-trauma upholsteries with different textures to create activity tables, which aid the developing of many therapies in rehabilitation centers.




Keloo’s fencings decorate in an exclusive way a corner of the garden or terrace, nonetheless playground areas, with a collection of decorations and colors of great visual impact.


By using E.V.A. at low density, it is possible to create security fencings suitable for all  surroundings (school, retirement home, playgrounds, ecc) as it is a high impact absorber material.




Wide range of wooden pavements, with smooth finish and/or anti-slipping ( excpected for fastening with clips or screw on view); usable in many areas (ex. poolside, restaurants, terraces).


Essences always available: Ipè - Iroko - Alps larch - Pine soaked at pressure in autoclave ( Guarantee 15 years) Other essences on demand.







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